Marc Lamerton

At Bernd Hermanski Architect Inc. we believe in the potential for buildings, when properly considered, to enhance our cities and neighbourhoods. Regardless of budget or other constraints, any given project can have a positive impact and our goal is to maximize this impact by fully understanding the client's wishes and project possibilities.

In the design & construction industry, the 21st century has been marked by the realization of the significant effect that our cities and buildings have on the environment given the amount of resources that go into their construction and operation. In this industry, one that has grown increasingly complex, technical advancements are often being used to help reduce the impact of our buildings. Other solutions involve a return to more traditional approaches, where we can find effective methods for city & building design.

By staying on top of current technologies and employing the best strategies of past experiences, Bernd Hermanski Architect Inc. has made a strong commitment to smart, sustainable design. Over time, we have discovered that even the most modest project can take advantage of simple solutions, such as building orientation and materials selection, and result in a more thoughtful design. Our understanding of the local environmental conditions and building experience in the area help us come up with effective, common sense approaches to development that can minimize environmental impact.

We also believe in the importance of community involvement as a way to feel more connected to or invested in what is going on around us. Through contributions to various local organizations and involvement with local events and activities, we have discovered much about the ideals and visions that people in the region have. Our goal is to work with developers, builders, local authorities, and everyday citizens to make the most of our community and improve not only the visual quality of our cities and towns, but also the quality of life that we all enjoy.